The Icelandic Flute Ensemble

The Icelandic Flute Ensemble was founded in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2003 and consists of around sixteen professional players. The repertoire of the Icelandic Flute Ensemble is mainly based on contemporary music. The group has commissioned several new pieces, for example Þuríður Jónsdóttir (Refill, 2003), Steingrímur Rohloff (Artificial Space, 2005), Malin Bång (Ljómi, 2006), Jón Hlöðver Áskelsson (Draumur Manúelu, 2010), Guðmundur Stein Guðmundsson (Harskjall og Svellkar, 2010) og Hugi Guðmundsson (Lux 2009). The Icelandic flute ensemble has performed in festivals such as the Skálholt Summer Concerts, Nordic Music Days and Dark Music Days in Reykjavík. The IFE has worked with Ian Clarke, William Bennett and Matthias Ziegler in their visits to Iceland and in the year 2009 The Icelandic Flute Ensemble was offered to perform at The National Flute Association Conference in New York.

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