Tectonics is a Music Festival curated by Ilan Volkov, proudly presented by Iceland Symphony Orchestra. It takes place in Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavík 18.- 20. April

How can an orchestra, the 19th century beast, be more radical and experimental? Is it possible? This is one of the questions that started me on a journey that led to the Tectonics music festival, the first of which was staged last year in Reykjavik.

Tectonics brings together musicians from different worlds and backgrounds for an audience that’s open and ready for new experiences and surprises. The festival will include young composers and pioneering figures, chamber music, orchestral music and electronic performances.

I am excited about the many Harpa foyer performances that will take place- dozens of flutists playing a magical work by Henry Brant, an exciting school project, 2 major works by Christian Wolff,a youth wind band performs a Globokar marching band work

and a new commission by Hildur Gudnadottir. We will also use the outside areas of the concert hall with 2 different installations and a large scale performance of a 70's piece by Pauline Oliveros.
The main guest in this second Tectonics Festival is Christian Wolff, one of the leading figures of contemporary American music. He has been at the forefront of experimentation for over 50 years, working with professionals as well as amateurs, writing many open instrumentation pieces as well as works using large groups of performers. Christian will also lead a performance of his recent ensemble work Dijon as well as playing an improvisation set with other guests of the Festival.

Three more Americans are guests in the Festival- Eyvind Kang, Jessika Kenney and Eli Keszler- as well as many Icelandic

musicians. Eli will present a new installation at the small hall Kaldalon. People Like Us(UK) will present her 2 new audio visual works. Many pieces will be premiered by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra including a piece for chamber choir,orchestra and 3 soloists by Jessika Kenney and Eyvind Kang.

The three day event will be packed with performances,installations,new collaborations using the various foyer and halls of Harpa. It will be quite a ride.

See you there
Ilan Volkov