Atli Ingólfsson

After his studies in Iceland, Italy and France, Atli Ingólfsson (1962) has been internationally active as a composer.  He lived in Italy for many years writing music for a number of European ensembles and soloists, pieces which have been performed across the continent and occasionally overseas (USA, Japan, Canada, South Korea).  In later years he has focused increasingly on orchestral works and music theatre.  He has been living in Iceland since 2006, teaching composition and harmony while continuing his own creative activity.  The cd Enter with five of his works performed by the Caput Ensemble and the Arditti Quartet came out at BIS records in 2005.  His orchestral piece Mani (2011) was issued on a cd last year (Telos records CD TLS 166), performed by the Cottbus Theatre Orchestra which commissioned it.  His music theatre piece Suzannah (text by Jon Fosse) was staged in Gothenburg, Oslo and Reykjavik.  Among his chamber works we may name Object of Terror for 15 players which have been performed by different ensembles in Reykjavík, Amsterdam, Milan, Bologna, Montepulciano and Cologne.  Some of his solo pieces are regularly performed: A verso for piano, Radioflakes for accordion, Cono di fede for contrabass and Brain Trill for saxophone.
(photo: © Horst Schmeck)